Rolf Merle

In 2020 I am a 77 years "young man", born in Germany and living in the Netherlands for more than 60 years. Retired for over 14 years after working in leadership positions in the transportation industry all my life.
When I was nine years old, I received an Agfa box as a communion gift. Diligently and proudly I started photographing and in the meantime my archive has grown to more than 70,000 photos. For many years I had my own dark rooms. Everything is easier nowadays and certainly more fascinating in the digital age.
During my working life I traveled all over the world and later as a tourist for more than 25 years.
If you browse my site you will also find photos from Asia, New Zealand, America, Africa and Europe. A new fascination is urbexing and because I have more time to take pictures, I will expand the collection step by step.